Business Integrity

Conducting business with integrity is fundamental to a successful mission and strong values, and essential to promoting Quality of Life. Unwavering ethical and legal standards empower employees to conduct business the right way with clients/ customers and everyone with whom we do business in the communities we serve. Our ethical principles are based upon trust, respect, honesty and integrity.

We aim to do business fairly, ethically and in accordance with applicable laws. Business integrity, including a clear anti-bribery commitment, we do not tolerate the direct or indirect offer, payment, soliciting or acceptance of bribes in any form.

To stay true to our principles and to keep ethics and business integrity at the forefront of our business, our approach is integrated, holistic, adaptive and constantly evolving.

Our Approach

  • Set high ethical standards and expectations of our employees.
  • Provide resources to support these expectations and our employees.
  • Train, communicate and maintain awareness.
  • Audit, monitor, analyze, assess, develop and evolve.
  • Respect employees and provide an open environment.
  • Live our mission, values and ethical principles.


We will give “beyond the obvious experience” through passion and innovation thereby bringing pride and trust in stakeholders, contributing towards society.

Our Vision

  • To become most admired global Brand in its class.
  • To continually offers timeless products that were never experienced before.
  • To lead through deep research, operational excellence, determined people and best in class technology.

Following Values Guide us in Our Day-to-Day Decisions

  1. W- Win-Win
  2. O- Organized
  3. R- Risk Taking
  4. K- Knowledge Hungry
  5. S- Safe & Sustainable
  6. P- Passionate
  7. A- Adaptive
  8. C- Creative
  9. E- Environment Friendly