The mission critical environment of a control room requires a focused and an undperturbed concentration. Every movement of an individual operator can act like an element of distraction inside the control room design. The entrance, the exit of operators and their movement governed by their respective work style inside a control room are some of the factors which are needed to be planned and designed accordingly.

We study the traffic flow practices in line with individual user specific needs and provide them with a detailed traffic flow management plan, to enhance the ease of operator movements and lessen the chances of any congested work practices in our control room designs.

Our control room designs are unique, we do not repeat our designs and so there is a lot of research and development before we extend our control room design solution to the users. We design a complete control room experience meeting all the functional and technical requirements of a 24/7 mission critical control room environment. We keep on enhancing our designs by incorporating innovative aesthetic features to it, for giving a blend of focused work and work with comfort combination.