Changing position from sit to stand while working, helps maintaining the correct level of blood circulation and induces a positive energy which is reflected in performance.Xion Console is a revolutionary answer to the conventional console systems which is directed towards the comfort and health need of 24/7 working control room operators.The foundation of Xion Console is based on Human Factors and Ergonomics where the health needs of operators are taken on priority.

We consider every control room to have a story. The various operations within it contribute to an individual and a unique control room story. Here the operators are the protagonists while the control room environment plays a cameo , as the controls, the alertness, the focused work practices of the operators is what it takes to ensure the correct health of a control room environment.

We therefore designed a control room console that will help the operators to perform better and stay happier. The Xion Console add to the ergonomic standards which are needed to be followed for operator health concerns.

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