A Control Room Solution is the “Brain” of a plant and its design is directed towards the functional needs of a control room environment, while it primarily focuses on the comfort of operators to enhance their alertness during operating and controlling the various mission critical 24/7 operations.

Now in existence from over 10 years, Pyrotech Workspace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. continues to follow its mission of creating world class control room solution globally.  playing a vital role in contributing to the needs of a fully functional control room environment.

With an experience of 175+ control centres and 42000+ control room consoles delivered globally, we now have 500+ customers in more than 25 countries worldwide.

control room solutions
Design Vs Real Photograph

Our Control Room Solution Design that perfectly complements the control room operator requirements in terms of comfort, work style and technology, for a better and focused work environment that enhances the overall experience of its users and the visitors inside the very exceptional control room design provided by us.