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A Control Room Console is one of the most essential element of a mission critical control room. It is the support system for controlling and monitoring various task critical operations within a defined territory.

The control room operators, their interaction with the machines, equipments, operations and the tasks assigned to them, contribute to the Human Factors. The control room operations are managed and operated by them, where they are expected to deliver focused performance with minimal distractions and with no margin of errors. In doing so they are required to be healthy in both professional as well as psychological context.

The Work-related Musculoskeletal disorder is pretty common these days, which induces loss of functional capacity. These disorders lead to stress, fatigue and discomfort. These are due to the work design and the interaction of humans with other elements of the system and their work practices.

To extend relief from these factors and to reduce stress and fatigue to a minimal level, which influences the performance of control room operator within a control room environment, we design modular and ergonomic control room consoles, which are inclined towards taking care of various human factors. Ergonomic standards and factors are taken into consideration while designing our control room consoles and lay-outing its placement within our control room design.

The placement of consoles within a control room is such that, the operators could interact with each other without any hindrances in communication during emergency situations, which demands for a dedicated and distraction free monitoring environment.

Our control room consoles deliver ergonomic excellence along with aesthetically superior designs. Our consoles deliver functional comfort to its users, enhancing their focus for better performance. Our control room console range comprises of fully equipped task specific designs.