About Us

With design and installation of more than 180 control rooms and 45,000 operator consoles worldwide, Pyrotech Workspace Solutions has delivered functional, flexible and attractive command centres to more than 500 customers in 25+ countries for over a decade now.

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Why Choose Us?

It has been proven that a functional and attractive command centre improves focus, productivity, and happiness which is important for a control room operator. Pyrotech Workspace Solutions offers the best in class and the most in-trend solutions for your command centre needs.

Value for Money: International Quality at Indian Price. (Raw Material is hand-picked from world’s best companies, manufactured on German/ Italian machinery to give the most premium quality.)

State of Art manufacturing set up and with separate Wood and Metal Manufacturing Units, no need to waste time for establishing new machinery and set up.

Where do we stand?

With years of research and a complete understanding of mission critical control room environment, Pyrotech Workspace Solutions can help you to develop a practical guide to meet your command centre needs.

More than that you’d have an advantage of having an experienced partner like us. We have delivered our control rooms to almost all top brands in the country.

Whats Next?

What’s next really depends on you. Large or small, we would enjoy speaking with you about your upcoming project. And because we’ve created hundreds of mission critical environments in both the public and private sectors, we’re fully informed about the operational requirements of command and control centres in a wide spectrum of industries. Our expertise allows us to get right into the specific requirements of your current project.

Contact us to schedule a planning session