We Believe

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At Workspace we believe:

“Rejection is the catalyst that enhances the pace of efforts to overcome the reasons of disapproval’s through consolidated analysis of performance in terms of ideas, intents, aims and executions”

This philosophy helps us in the accomplishment of our goals for business as well as in life too and so does it helped in the case of bagging the QAFAC project to our name.

Qatar Fuel Additives Company, popularly known as QAFAC, is an outcome of the Nation’s far-sighted strategic plan to diversify its petrochemical base and expand its downstream industries. The Company aims to optimize the utilization of the country’s vast hydrocarbon resources through producing and exporting Methanol and MTBE. QAFAC was looking for control room consoles, for which we too submitted our design options.

The Rejection:

The story of the QAFAC – Qatar Fuel Additives Company Limited  opened when our Control Room Console was rejected by their team. Just like people are possessive about the individuals  they value in their life, we are possessive about our most valued asset, that are our control room consoles and our designs. We wanted to find the reason for why they were not happy with our console solution.

Every rejection has a set of reasons behind it. In our product type, mostly these reasons cover two subjects, the Requirement and the Appearance. That says, either our console wasn’t  serving their requirement or they were not happy with its appearance. In either case, we wanted to meet them for if they have any other reasons and at the same time we wanted to work with them.

First Meeting

For the same concern our Principle Architect, Mr. Sunil S Ladha went to Qatar for a meeting with their officials along with other bidders. At the very beginning of the discussion, QAFAC officials made it very clear that they want this project to be completed within 20 days, so those who couldn’t fall in line with this requirement must feel free to leave.

They were happy and proud to see an Indian face as they were not expecting any one from India among the bidders. During the discussion Mr. Sunil showed them certain control room designs we have executed in all these years. They appreciated our work and showed interest in our designs. He knew that it was the right time to offer them a design proposal for their control room.

They explained and submitted their specific requirements to Mr. Sunil. He flied back to India with a clear aim to convince them for our control room design and control room console. Back home, he designed two presentations for QAFAC. One of which was what they exactly asked for, the other was  designed to give a Re-engineered design experience to QAFAC while taking care of their functional requirements.

The Acceptance:

Mr. Sunil again flied to Qatar, presented his design options he designed for them, taking all the pros and cons of a renovation job into his consideration. They were happy  to see the designs and approved the Re-engineered design option designed by him. Convincing was the toughest part as there were a number of bidders but we knew that our designs and architectural perspective would help us get a leap. Mr. Sunil also suggested and convinced them to install our CPU free control room console Infinity in their control room design, which would add a flavor to the overall aesthetics of the control room experience.

The Infinity control room console is a CPU free console which gives a seamless infinite experience within the control room environment, extending the boundaries and offering a spacious arrangement, adding more life into the work style with better efficiency and reduced stress level. Infinity gives the end user a complete command of their environment to accommodate radical changes in technology enabling the user with a flexible and unlimited configuration possibilities.